In 2009 I was diagnosed with epilepsy. The drugs that I now take to control my epilepsy prevent me from drinking alcohol which means that I can no longer enjoy my hobby of wine tasting. Last year I stumbled upon a book on coffee. I subsequently came to see that there was much more to coffee than a simple Nescafe caffeine kick to shake off the cobwebs on cold, dark, winter mornings.

It turns out that coffee tasting is an art form and that coffee beans have more than 750 flavour characteristics that can be detected – almost twice as much as red wine. Spicy Ethiopian, vibrant Colombian, full-bodies Indonesian, chocolaty Guatemalan and luxurious Jamaican.

Apart from coffee tasting, two areas that I am particularly interested in are the ethical and economic aspects of the coffee industry. For example, over 90% of coffee production takes place in 3rd world countries; most of the consumption however is in the developed world – Brazil, Vietnam and Indonesia account for around 58% of coffee production (United Nations Food and Agricultural Organization, 2010). Historically, farmers in the 3rd world have only received a fraction of the revenue and even with Fair Trade Agreements farmers often only receive a relatively small percentage of the extra charge imposed by Fair Trade Organizations.

There are several sections in this blog (which admittedly will end up looking more like a website):

Tasting Diary” – here you will find my diary which I have split into several pages:

  • Four separate tasting diary pages for the following regions: Africa; Caribbean and Central America; South America; and, Middle East and Asia. I will update these pages as and when I sample new coffees
  • One page for “Blendswhich I made myself or which I purchased
  • One page for “Tasting Basics” and another for “Cupping

Preparation”: you can find information about roasting, grinding, brewing and recipes

Economics and Ethics”: the main page is pretty static and includes my take on the coffee market over the next couple of years as well as information about ethical issues like fair trade and sustainable farming. There are two dropdown pages “Ethics” and “Economics” where I will once a month collate all the relevant stories I publish on the blog updates.

Favourite Cafés”: in this section I will review my favourite cafés in London and the UK and I encourage all visitors to review their favourite cafés wherever they are living.

Blog Updates” is where I will regularly post new coffees that I have reviewed, links, news, articles, research etc. These will eventually get stored in other sections for future reference.

I hope that you enjoy reading the blog and that you find the information contained within it useful.


Garfield Coffee


8 thoughts on “About”

  1. Ummm….. yeah. That Garfield cartoon is TOTALLY me.

  2. Wow, I am so glad you have found my blog just so that I can read everything you have to offer on yours! What an inspirational story. As a fellow coffee lover, I can safely say that I appreciate your passion and look forward to seeing what you have to say. Great blog!

    • Hi, I am very glad that you like my blog and I thank you for your kind words. You are more than welcome to comment on any of the pages, review your favourite cafes/coffees and share any blends you have made. Thank you again.

  3. Great blog, you certainly like your coffee! I’ll reading more later…I remember drinking a coffee many years ago, and if I rememeber correctly, it was called Kenyan Peaberry, have you come across it or tried it?

    • Thank you very much 🙂 i’m really glad you like it. Yes Kenyan Peaberry beans are much smaller than regular beans and have a very distinct taste. Africa really does have a lot of quality coffee beans, after all Ethiopia is the birth place of coffee.

  4. Dear Gio,

    We really like your blog. Would it be possible for us to send samples of our rare and exotic single origin coffees for your evaluation?

    Best regards,

    Guy Eardley-Wilmot
    Sea Island Coffee Limited
    Knightsbridge, London, England

    • Hi Guy,

      I’m glad you like the blog. It would be my pleasure. I’ll send you my details via email. Kind regards, Giorgio

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